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1/24 EVA01 TEST EVANGELION Gundam Model Kit Water Decal | ShopGundam

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1/24 EVA01 TEST EVANGELION Gundam Model Kit Water Decal
Sold By: tutu_cube
Price: $11.99


1/24 EVA01 TEST EVANGELION Gundam Model Kit Water DecalType:  water-slide decalsHandling time:  About 3 daysFor age of:  6+How to apply:apply gloss clear coat (microscale)plan out the decal placement  place decal into water for 5-10 seconds  remove the decal and let it sit out of the water for 30 seconds to 1 minute  slide the decal onto the part surface  position the decal using a toothpick or q-tip  use a paper towel to remove excess water, and press the towel down to rid as much water as possible  apply a drop of decal setter and let this sit until it cures, approximately half an hour to a full hour  spray a gloss clear coat to seal and protect the decal If you order over 10 pieces of Decals or Metal Stickers , We offer Free shipping ( EXCLUDING BEST OFFER PRICE )  


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